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Nicotine USP/EP

Nicotine USP/EP distilled from a natural product to AEMSA Nicotine Standards.

Nicotine is produced in our bespoke manufacturing suite under cGMP conditions in Coleraine.

Our Nicotine USP/EP is a colourless to straw coloured liquid, extracted from the tobacco leaf and manufactured to meet both the USP and Ph Eur pharmacopeia standards.

Our Nicotine USP/EP meets AEMSA nicotine standards.

Our Nicotine USP/EP is REACH registered 01-2120066934-47-0001
Stocks of Nicotine USP/EP are held at our site in N.Ireland and in the USA at our trusted distributor Chemular Inc:

Chemular Inc
Hudson Scientific Building
103W Main Street
MI 49247
Tel: +844 888 7847
Email: Jeff.barlow@chemular.com

Product Quality Batch Quantities Pack Size Regulatory
Nicotine USP/EP USP/PH Eur up to 500kg 1kg and 25kg USDMF ASMF


Nicotine USP/EP Data Sheet

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