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Nicotine Salt

Nicotine with salicylic acid in propylene glycol (PG)

Nicotine with salicylic acid in PG provides our customers the opportunity to formulate salt-based e-liquids

Manufactured to the industry standard of 7.2% nicotine (w/v) concentration allows for a simple transition from existing formulations

Salt based e-liquids have been reported to provide a smoother throat-hit compared to existing “free-base” nicotine liquids

Nicobrand has invested significantly in establishing the safety profile of both nicotine and salicylic acid

Product Quality Batch Quantities Minimum Order Quantity
7.2% Nicotine, salicylic acid and Propylene glycol All USP/Ph Eur materials 1000kg 30kg


Nicotine Salt Data Sheet

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